🎲 What is BetSwirl? Fundamentals

A provably fair gambling dApp

A provably fair gambling dApp

BetSwirl aims to bring provably fair gambling to Ethereum-compatible blockchains. Our first target is the currently booming Polygon, which is still in its infancy state and gathers main newcomers in the blockchain world. The rise of yield farming and speculation around ERC-20 deflationary tokens brought lots of money, but also increased risks for users having to deal with malevolent developers and asymmetry of information.

Hence, the market seems ripe for a transparent, straightforward, and clean gambling dApp taking advantage of the technical possibilities of Polygon, BNB Smart Chain and Avalanche while being safe for its users looking to play and earn money this way.

A cross-chain randomness provider and gaming platform

Even though more and more users gather in the blockchain multiverse, the infrastructure for new dApps is still sometimes lacking, as big players from Ethereum concentrate on their original market. Our development effort aims to be as easy as possible to deploy on other blockchains, allowing us to address untapped markets quickly and position ourselves before the competition does.

An open-source venture fostering innovation

The blockchain's low-trust environment creates a strong need for openness and transparency. Consequently, the most successful projects have all released their codebase when they started to build trust in the community.

This proved to bring lots of users, but also developers, who forked, hacked, and launched new projects based on open-source code. Although that Uniswap's code has already been forked more than a thousand times, it is still the second-largest DEX by volume in the crypto world.

We aim to create open-source tools and games that everyone can integrate into their dApps. This way, we'll foster innovation and create demand for our services.