🧮 Tokenomics BETS

Covers all aspects involving the BETS creation and management


A total of 7 777 777 777 tokens will ever be supplied to the market.

RoundAmount of tokensShare of tokensToken priceValue
Treasury544 444 4447%
Team622 222 2228%
Protocol development388 888 8895%
Games's bank liquidity1 555 555 55520%
Liquidity1 686 907 47221,69%
Marketing777 777 77710%
Advisors388 888 8895%
Strategic sale564 285 7147,26%$0,00014$79 000
Private sale624 901 1888,03%$0,00016$99 984
IDO307 005 0003,95%$0,00020$61 401
Burned316 900 6254,07%
Total7 777 777 777100%
  • Marketcap at TGE: $108 416 (liquidity locked included)

Vesting scheme

RoundLock PeriodVesting
Treasury3 monthsUnlock via governance
Team3 monthsLock 3 Months - 10% every month afterward
Protocol developmentUnlock via governance
Games's bank liquidity100% audited
Liquidity45% used on launch fully locked
Marketing10% at TGE and 10% every month afterward
Advisors10% at TGE and 10% every month afterward
Strategic sale10% at TGE and 10% every month afterward
Private sale10% at TGE and 10% every month afterward
IDO25% at TGE and 25% every month afterward


  • Treasury Will be used to buy back BETS token, deposit more funds to the bank, share the benefits with the stakers, and develop the protocol.
  • Team tokens are here to provide strong incentives for the team members and support their daily work.
  • Protocol development Will be used to develop the platform.
  • Game's bank liquidity Is the Casino's bank funds.
  • Liquidity corresponds to the share of tokens that will be added to liquidity pools to allow the free and frictionless trade of tokens.
  • Marketing tokens are here to help us increase the visibility of BetSwirl to influencers and users. Among other things, we aim to reward early players with tokens.
  • Advisors will help us open the doors and bring investors and users to the platform.
  • A Strategic sale and a Private sale will give us enough resources to fund the bank in MATIC, BNB, ETH or AVAX, audit our contracts, launch an extensive marketing campaign and increase development efforts. We'll also need money to get legal advice to secure a gaming license rapidly.
  • IDO to create the LP pairs.