✨ Demonstration

Start using BetSwirl on testnets

BetSwirl Dice

To test BetSwirl's games, you should configure the Polygon, BNB Smart Chain or Avalanche Testnet network in your Wallet browser, acquire some tMATIC, tBNB or tAVAX Tokens, and connect it on BetSwirl. This is very straightforward with a couple steps.

The first step is optional if you already have a Wallet.


  1. Install MetaMask and create an Account

  2. Add tMATIC, tBNB or tAVAX funds to your account using your Account address

  3. For Polygon, go to app.BetSwirl.com?c=80001, for BNB Smart Chain go to app.BetSwirl.com?c=97, and for Avalanche go to app.BetSwirl.com?c=43113, connect your wallet to the testnet.

  4. Enjoy our games :)


Learn more about our two first games: