🏌️ Team

BetSwirl is not a one-man job, and never will be.

BetSwirl is not a one-man job, and never will be. We know that to make a great product, you need many hands, many eyes and many brains, so we have brought together an all-around team composed of senior developers, a product designer, a graphic and game designer. We're commited to deliver great products, and great value for BetSwirl in the long run.

Romuald HogCEODouble hat experience with Technical and Digital Innovation lead on a global retail company, and 15 years of engineering background
NatoCofounderFull Stack Designer since 2011, adept at simple, clear and precise design. With over 150 clients including major accounts on all types of projects and deeply invested in crypto projects for 5 years with many contributions in this area
AddyLaunch managerFullStack Senior Lead Developer with 10+ years of experience working around software architecture, web development, and mobile applications for high traffic projects with +30M users monthly. Web3 Developer for two years, he contributed and launched different projects in the DeFi space with large enthusiasm for the blockchain ecosystem.
GeisenbergFront-End developerFront-end developer attracted to beautiful things and obsessed by pixel perfect integration, Thomas Geisen has produced tailor-made, warm and rigorous websites for the past ten years. Blockchain enthusiast since 2013, he is always following with a keen eye what is happening in the crypto world.
WearthendGraphic DesignerWearthend is an all-around artist trained in graphic design, illustration and music production. He is proficient in most forms of art including writing, photography. Always interested in new technologies and out of the box challenges, he joins the BetSwirl team to make a difference and deliver the best product out there.
GFKGame theoristGFK used to play online poker for a living and is currently working as a business developer and advisor in crypto projects. He's responsible of the game theory and bankroll management on BetSwirl
Jay RilloIllustratorillustrator, storyboard artist, graphic designer and a full time husband & papa.🤘
TaniaMotionDesign🎬 Rive animation 💥 Interface designer 📜 Illustrator