Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the team?

BetSwirl is not a one-man job, and never will be. We know that to make a great product, you need many hands, many eyes and many brains, so we have brought together an all-around team composed of senior developers, a product designers, a graphic and game designer, and a sound and music designer. We're commited to deliver great products, and great value for BetSwirl in the long run. Check the Team page to learn more about each of us.

Do you plan to support any other blockchains?

Yes, our technology is compatible with any EVM blockchain.

What's so different about BetSwirl's games?

While traditional blockchain casinos target the gambler's demographic, we aim to bring a videogaming feel to our services, along story telling, eye-pleasing, creative designs and innovative gameplay ready to be unleashed soon in the metaverse.

Is BetSwirl audited?

Building an ecosystem like Betswirl needs several contracts to manage BETS ERC20 token, games, bankroll, staking... As security is the key to success in the long term, the top blockchain auditors in the market like QuillAudit audited our contracts. All audits are listed in our "contract section".

How is randomness handled?

Fairness is in our DNA. By using chainlink, we have the most trustful Oracle in the market. An Oracle is a smart contract allowing us to bring on the blockchain data from the outside world automatically. In the case of gaming platforms, an Oracle is needed to bring on-chain random numbers, which can't be generated on the blockchain as everything is predictable there. We are leveraging ChainLink's VRF.