💎 What about BETS? BETS

A utility token

Indeed, using BETS on the BetSwirl platform will allow you to play, get some cool in-game bonuses, buy NFTs, and so on. If you just want to hold and stake BETS, we've got you covered: you'll then earn a share of BetSwirl's profits. And if you're hardcore about BetSwirl - and we're sure you'll be - you can vote, make your voice heard, and influence the platform's future!

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What can I do with my BETS?

  • Play with it. All games will accept it.
  • Stake it and earn a share of BetSwirl's profits. This is for you if you're with us in the long game.
  • Get exclusive NFT only purchasable with BETS
  • Vote, tell us what you think, make your voice heard. We want BetSwirl to be community-driven where holders can influence the platform's future.
  • Just hold and appreciate the deflationary mechanisms
  • Send it to your friends as a gift!

What BetSwirl is doing with BETS?

  • Redistribute it as rewards to the stakers
  • Add more liquidity to the bank for you to get a higher payout
  • Pay marketing and protocol developments
  • Add liquidity to the pairs on DEX

Token strategies

  • A token at the heart of the protocol with multiple utilities to increase volume usage and reward liqudity provider
  • An advanced inflation management following an inverse exponential function
    • All tokens distribution are vested monthly during multiple months
      • Team allocation: Lock 3 Months - 10% every month afterward
      • Marketing: 10% at TGE and 10% every month afterward
      • Advisors: 10% at TGE and 10% every month afterward
      • Strategic Sale: 10% at TGE and 10% every month afterward
      • Private Sale: 10% at TGE and 10% every month afterward
      • IDO: 25% at TGE and 25% every month afterward
    • Treasury and project development tokens allocations are locked and can be only unlocked via governance
  • A protocol owned liquidity strategy
    • 90% of the IDO will be put in liquidity and locked for the long term.
    • An essential part of the treasury fund that receives dividends on each game is used to buy back BETS, add liquidity and lock it. This will guarantee a continuous increase in liquidity and, thanks to frequent locks, an immobilization of part of the token supply.
  • Multiple deflationary mechanisms
    • To counterbalance the inflation of the first months and to make the token deflationary in the long term, we are implementing several token buybacks and burn mechanisms:
      • BuyBacks and burn with revenue from the games
      • BuyBacks and burn after each Million jackpot draw
      • Burn after each purchase of NFT (NFT will be only purchasable in BETS)
      • BuyBacks & Burn with 50% of the NFT royalties
  • Multiple incentives for Stakers and holders
    • To reduce the selling pressure and immobilize a part of the community-owned supply, we will share the main part of the protocol revenue (between 40% and 50%) to stakers.
    • Loyal holders & stakers will gain free million jackpot ticket