🤝 Referral program

Invite your friends and earn passive incomes everytime they play

⚠️ The referral program was deprecated and is no longer running due to low adoption. Claim your rewards.

To reward our early adopters and everyone helping to develop the community, the protocol offers a multi-level referral program to let you earn passive incomes: The more you refer, the higher is the reward!

How participate?

  1. Create your Referral link
  2. Share it with your friends or community. Each visiting BetSwirl with your Referral link will be enrolled if they bet for the first time, even if it's on their future visits.
  3. Earn every time they play, or one of their referees play on three levels!
  4. Withdraw your gain anytime in the dedicated page
  5. Check the current House Edge Referral Rate

Reward rate by levels

Each level of Referral will get rewarded by a rate of the House Edge Referral Rate.

Level 1Level 2Level 3

To be confirmed before go live

Reward rate by Referee amount

Referral get rewarded based on the amount of referee he/she got.

1 - 45 - 910+

To be confirmed before go live

Reward formula

Reward Amount = Payout Amount x House Edge Referral Rate x Reward Rate(level) x Reward Rate(referee amount)


To simplify, let say that the House Edge Referral Rate is 1.5%.

The Referral relationship is A <- B <- C <- D and each case is the following:

Referee amount1347
Level from D321

The following table will show that if user D wins 7 MATIC, how much will user A, B and C get.

Referee amount rate100%25%50%
Level Rate10%30%60%
Total Reward7 * 1.5% * 10% * 100%7 * 1.5% * 30% * 25%7 * 1.5% * 60% * 50%